Sunday, November 16, 2014

I am panicking somewhat 'cos apparently people these days are deranged and super kiasu (hokkien for scared to lose), booking their wedding dinner venues way in advance. For the desired locations and desired timing, couples are booking as early as a year, if not earlier. Well, good on them when they can decide their dates and super bad for me that we are still muddling for our date.

Irregardless of not setting a date, it doesn't mean I can't browse at wedding dresses or anything wedding related. I occasionally browse wedding related magazines and onlines sites. And in our modern today, we are definitely spoilt for choices with just clicks away from our dream wedding. Besides that, we get bombarded by pictures in facebook and blogs of people who have married or their friends and relatives.

Further to that, there are many upcoming budding wedding photographers who are being relevant and smart in bringing their work to us through their sites and their facebook fan page.

Well, boo hoo for me that I see so many dresses I would love to wear for my special day but there is only ONE me. One body and so many bloody dresses to choose from. I seriously would love to have one tailor made but I am guessing that my budget won't allow for it unless I get a job in the next few months.

I love how the chiffon falls with the simple embroidery at the empire line

 I don't think this would suit me but it does give the princessy feel and I would prefer my gown to be ivory or champagne as opposed to super white

I like this simple cut that oozes elegance but I would do my hair up in a romantic do instead

I like the lace detail that serves as the sleeves but not many can pull this style off

This is one dress that can be used for pre-wedding photoshoots and for the reception

I think this off shoulder dress shows some and yet maintains a bit of decorum but I would lose the shawl

and I think I am falling in love with lace...

This dress seems more different than the conventional dress.. a little more character

oooooh.... I am a sucker for one sided shoulder dresses these days!

Her poise just makes the dress look good... which reminds me, I better start having better posture.

Simple, easy to walk in and no frills

Did I mention I go gaga at chiffon cos it compliments my "full" figure better

Loving the flow in the skirt

This dress attracts my attention somehow possibly cos it's chiffon and it has this wavy, flowy feel

This dress gives a more Wedding feel, a regal, formal feel and if you have the body for this dress...SUPERB!

I like the polka dots on this dress... makes me feel mischievous with something up my sleeves

Another less formal dress with no trains making it easier to walk in...

Just like the stiffness in the poofy skirt but you got to be anorexic thin to carry this off
and even then, the model looks a little flat chested in this picture

I like the sketch for the back version... if only I can see the real one.

Some girls dream about their wedding dresses since young. Some girls are focused and they know what they want. I just want one that compliments me and I would look super beautiful in irregardless of my shape and size. One that makes all the girls think I am pretty and that they wish they look as gorgeous as me on their very own special day.
So which is your favourite? Tell me which do you think is the best. I can't wait to lose some weight and slide into my dress and feel like a top model.

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