Monday, December 23, 2013

Lauren and William are busy, down to earth, no frills type of people who have a mutual love of nature and horses and wanted to marry. So, Lauren's mother, Judith, "took the reins" and planned this wedding for the most part. It was at the beautiful historic Preston-Woodall House in Benson on December 21, 2013. Joel Hurley, proprietor of the Preston-Woodall House, gave Judith my name and  we made arrangements for me to officiate. I corresponded with Lauren and William and together we customized the wedding ceremony to reflect the two of them. One thing they wanted was short and sweet, and so it was.
When Marty and I arrived, the Cora Lily Ballroom was all decked out for Christmas, in fact, the whole house was beautifully decorated. We had the ceremony at this end of the ballroom. Janet Hill, with Dogwood Studios, was our photographer. 
At the other end were the tables and chairs that would later be spread out around the dance floor.
This sweet little cake was ready to be cut. Did not get the name of the baker. 
In the adjoining parlor, the hors d'oeuvres were ready for consumption by the guests after the ceremony during cocktail hour.
DeLane Hayes, our DJ, was all set up for the ceremony music and later on dance music! 
After Joel invited all the guests to take their seats for the ceremony, he directed the parents and wedding party in. Thanks, Joel! You've had many years of  practice and this one was a snap! It was good to work with you again!
This is Judith, mother of the bride, and her husband Carroll. 
Here comes the bride with her father, William! 
After the warm welcome to the guests, we paid tribute to Lauren's parents and step-parents. 
Then we included a blessing written by Reverend J. Lynn James. 
Their friends, Leanna and Strick, stood up with them.
The exchange of vows and rings, then the pronouncement of marriage! 
Oh happy days! Lauren and William, congratulations! I wish you all the happiness in the world!
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