Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Megan, Jarrett and I met on July 4th of this year to plan their wedding ceremony slated for December 14, 2013 at the wonderful Angus Barn which would be in full Christmas decor. Their ceremony was in front of the big fireplace in the lobby of the restaurant which was closed to the public until after their wedding. The reception was down in the fabulous Wine Cellar where I have also done several weddings. Marty and I arrived early and made sure all was ready. There were only about 20 guests so it was a small intimate group. 
The huge Christmas tree is hung upside down! All the more space at the fireplace for us!
This rather large nutcracker is keeping watch at the bottom of the tree.
Matthew Kanon, our guitarist, arrived early too, to get all plugged in and ready for the wedding.
I just had to pose with this cute guy! 
Angus Bull, I presume??
Matt is ready and playing pretty music as the guests arrive. 
Jarrett and his groomsmen arrived with the guests and are waiting for the bridesmaids and bride who were coming in a limo and being squirreled away for their big entrance.
And so we entered and took our places in front of the fireplace. 
The bridesmaids and bride descended down the steep staircase from the Wild Turkey Lounge. Jarrett met Megan at the foot of the stairs and they came together to take their places with us.
Marty got this fabulous shot from the loft walkway above. I had stepped out from behind the couple to connect with their guests as I related their story. Our photographer for the wedding were Amy Terrell of Simple Moments Photography and her second shooter, Lauren. The English Garden provided the bouquets and boutonnieres and Sugarland brought the beautiful two tiered cake which was in a box and we did not get a photo of it. 
Megan and Jarrett had a rather long and involved story but it was so good we could not skip any of it. It was sprinkled with lots of good humor! They both went to UNC Greensboro and majored in Physics! It was there that they first met in 2005.
Time for their vows......
The rings.......
The pronouncement of marriage......
Wonderful kiss! 
Happiness and joy! 
Jarrett and Megan, congratulations! You are a great couple. I admire your fortitude, determination and  loving nature. I know you will create a wonderful marriage and family! Enjoy your wedded bliss!

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