Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lauren's mother, Judy, called me on October 9th to inquire if I was available for Lauren and Brandon's wedding on November 30, 2013 at The Garden on Millbrook. I was delighted that I was so Judy and Lauren and I met on October 17th and got the date reserved on my calendar and the couple and I got started on the ceremony. 
This venue was formerly owned by Sisters' Catering but was purchased by a new owner in 2011. They have done quite a bit of refurbishing. Look at that magnificent chandelier! The carpeting and wall color has changed also. The three Christmas trees were gorgeous! It is a beautiful setting for a wedding and when the weather is nice, they have a wonderful patio with a huge tent for outdoor ceremonies.
Can you tell the color scheme was red? So pretty at this time of year! Katie is signing the marriage license here. I collect the signatures of the witnesses before the ceremony once I know it is going to happen. The document is not legal and final until I sign it after the ceremony.
My colleague Lawrence with Anything Music was their DJ. We worked a wedding together a few weeks ago! He is so nice and all I had to do was plug my microphone into the body pack he provided.
This cake is simply stunning! It was baked by Lynn's Catering in Franklinton. The Blonde Buttercup in Louisburg provided the floral arrangements. (Neither the baker nor the florist have websites to link to.) Melissa and Paul with Wake Forest Portrait Shoppe were their photographers.
The line-up: Brandon's parents, Kathy and Bob, are first to process in. 
Then it is Judy and Eric's turn. Eric, father of the bride, circled around to come back and escort the bride in.
Brandon was really happy the ceremony was starting. He's waited 4 years for this day!
Then the rest of the guys followed. 
Our bridesmaids' dresses were gorgeous. Red weddings are so pretty! 
Here comes the bride! They used Jonathan Cain's fabulous rendition of the Bridal March. It is my favorite!
The parents are standing for a tribute to them and for their blessing for this marriage!
Their story was pretty funny too! Then came the sweetness where they heard what they loved about each other and what they are looking forward to in marriage.
And they said their vows and sealed them with the exchange of rings. 
The pronouncement of marriage........
Did not get a photo of the kiss but Brandon really laid one on Lauren as everyone applauded!
Brandon and Lauren, what a wonderful wedding! I know you are so happy to finally be husband and wife. Thank you for giving me the honor of joining you in marriage. I wish you all the very best!
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