Monday, July 22, 2013

On Sunday July 14th, Norma emailed me to see if I could perform a civil ceremony for her and her fiancéCharles. They live in Arkansas but were in Durham for Norma's graduation for her MBA. They wanted to get married on Saturday July 20, 2013. Some of their family members were going to be there for graduation and well, it would be a good time to get married too. After considering my wedding garden, Duke Gardens, and other places, they chose to have their intimate private ceremony in the Duke Memorial Chapel which is inside the larger Duke Chapel. I had not done a wedding in that smaller chapel but now I know it is a sweet place for a small wedding. 

I sent Norma a proposed ceremony and suggested that since they were marrying in a chapel they might consider having a simple non-denominational prayer and they liked that idea. Norma is of Mexican heritage and her parents and sister were present along with a couple of friends from school. Charles was born in India. Unfortunately his family could not be with us for the occasion. 

So I arrived at Duke Campus to discover the road I usually take to the Chapel was closed and the alternate street was reduced to one lane. Even though I had given myself extra time, I arrived in the parking deck just a few minutes before the scheduled ceremony time of noon. My cell phone rang and it was Norma. I explained I was on foot between the parking deck and the chapel. As soon as I arrived, they gave me the license and we assembled on the altar and began the ceremony. It was short but sweet and included a blessing for her parents. I don't know their story but I do know they have known each other 4 years and I am assuming they met at Duke during that time. They make a beautiful couple and are very much in love. 
After the ceremony I handed my cell phone to one of Norma's friends and she snapped this photo for the blog. Norma and Charles, congratulations! It was my honor and my pleasure to join you in marriage. I wish you love, peace and joy forever! 

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