Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kate and Steve are such a wonderful couple and sooooo much in love! It radiates all around them. I was delighted when their wedding planner, Gina Myers with La Cosa Bella Events, contacted me to officiate for their wedding on April 6, 2013 at Duke Chapel. Steve is a graduate of Duke Law School. Kate and Steve live in Cincinnati so in November I met with Kate's parents, Steve and Mary, who live in Raleigh and we finalized the contract.  Kate and Steve were in town over the Christmas holidays so we got together for the first time and went over what they wanted and how we would proceed in co-creating a very special, meaningful and personalized ceremony for them. We had a rehearsal the day before the wedding with Blanche Williams, the chapel event coordinator and wedding director. I consider myself an expert on conducting wedding rehearsals after 14 years but Blanche really has it down to an art and science! I was glad to sit back and let her run the show!  I could not have improved on her organization or presentation one little bit!

The big day arrived and it was glorious weather for which we were all grateful having had such unusual weather so far in 2013. Before the wedding, Kate and Steve and their photographer, Terry with Carolina Mediastar, staged a "first look" at Duke Gardens. So after that there was no hiding the bride from the groom and when we arrived, the bride and groom and bridesmaids were taking pictures in front of the beautiful chapel.
The bridesmaids pretty dresses were in a lovely shade of coral and the  maid of honor's dress was a soft beigy pink.
I took this opportunity to get in some photos with the couple not knowing if there would be another good opportunity after the ceremony.
Our videographer, Denny with Island Sound, was setting up the video camera. There are strict rules in the chapel regarding photography. The photographers are to get no closer than 20 feet from the last row of guests although, like all weddings these days, I noticed cell phone cameras being held up during the ceremony!
This is the huge, famous pipe organ! It makes the most magnificent music!
The groomsmen have come inside to get their boutonnieres pinned on by Blanche and her assistant while the photographers shoot a few pictures.
A blurry photo of Blanche and me before the ceremony. She was super to work with!
And we begin right on time. The grandparents and parents were escorted in then the bridesmaids and groomsmen.
Our gorgeous bride and her sweet daddy! 
The pronouncement of marriage!
Little golden bells had been attached to the wedding programs with instructions to the guests to ring them during the pronouncement and kiss. I could hear their sweet chimes! 
And they are on the move! They and the wedding party and parents circled around back inside the chapel while the guests went by shuttle to the Washington-Duke Inn for the reception.
I signed the "big book" as the officiant then the witnesses who were Steve, father of the bride, left, and Mike, father of the groom, in the center. Blanche is showing them where to sign.
Then it was time to get some other photos. 
This pose was Terry, the photographer's idea! Terry and I have done many weddings together in the past 10 years. 
Kate is the sweetest person and I was honored to work with her and Steve and be a part of their very special day. Kate and Steve, I think you are a fine couple and that your marriage will be very successful. I wish you much health and happiness! If there is ever anything I can do for you, please let me know!!

Vendors for this wedding:
Wedding Planner: Gina Myers, La Cosa Bella Events
Musician: Duke Chapel Organist
Florist: Fleuressence
Photographers: Carolina Mediastar--Terry and his son James and daughter Mylena
Make-up: Stephanie Sevilla
Videography: Island Sound
Sound at the Chapel: Sonny
Reception: Washington-Duke Inn

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