Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome to Ritual/Tradition number 3 in our 52 Rituals in 52 Weeks

This is a fairly common, but very sweet ritual that you may have seen done before in a ceremony. It is simple, easy and doesn’t require any elaborate props in order to pull it off beautifully and successfully.

Basically prior to the ceremony taking place, the rings are placed into a small lace or chiffon bag ensuring the top of the bag is tied tightly so they are not able to come out as it is passed among the guests. Some people like to simply tie the rings together with a ribbon and allow them to be passed, however I personally wouldn’t recommend this as it is not worth the risk of one of them being dropped.

Once the bride arrives and the celebrant/Priest has welcomed everyone they may say something like: (my preferred version, but there are many to choose from or you can add your own wording).

“During this ceremony (grooms name) & (brides name) will exchange rings. They have entrusted the keeping of the rings with (insert name) who will be passing them around to each and every one of you individually.

As this ceremony proceeds we ask that you, their families and friends take part in the warming of these rings as a sign of your love and support for this union.

We ask that you, as their most trusted loved ones wish them health and happiness, laughter and good fortune and all that is noble and good in life.

These rings are the visible signs of their commitment to one another.

I ask that each person take the time to hold them for a moment, warm them with your hopes and wishes and love, then pass them on to the next person. I ask that all present voice a silent wish or prayer for this couple, for their marriage and their future together.

When these rings come back to (insert name) they will contain, in their precious metal, that which is more precious and yet is priceless, your love and pledge of support”.

The Celebrant/Priest then proceeds with the ceremony (or music can be played while the rings are ‘warmed’).

When it comes time in the ceremony for the rings to be exchanged by the couple , the celebrant/Priest may either also express a wish or blessing for the couple before they are placed or they may simply hand them to the couple to place.

This is a simple and easy ritual, yet a very effective way of including each and every guest and evoking a beautiful sense of inclusion and emotion.

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