Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here you see Steph meeting with her Wedding Planner, Christine Turner (seated) and her Wedding Coordinator, Liz Dube. The Detail Meeting is a kind of hand-off from the Planner to the Coordinator, and this meeting is probably the most important part of the entire preparatory process of holding a wedding here.

One of the things that our customers tell us over and over again is how smoothly everything runs at a wedding or other event that they might host or attend at the Hawthorne Hotel. We think that the reason for that is the DETAIL meetings that we have with our clients ahead of time.

We adore Steph, who is getting married here this weekend, in part because she is such a sweet, nice person, and also because she is super-organized, which makes the Detail Meeting go very smoothly.

Christine Turner is going through the boxes of things that we are going to handle for Steph this weekend, from favors, to menu cards, to special glasses for their toast, to table numbers and so on.

Since Steph found our hotel an appealing site, in part because of our use of social media, she also agreed to let me document her wedding from start to finish on our blog. Thanks, Steph!

I hope you enjoy learning more about weddings at the historic Hawthorne Hotel, where our building is graciously-old, but our ideas about how to run our business are definitely on the forefront.


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