Monday, March 30, 2009

This past Saturday I noticed these items on the entry table to the Grand Ballroom during a wedding. It occurred to me that I had never blogged about these kinds of details, so I thought I would now.

Detail #1 -- The brides Toss Bouquet. Rather than tossing her beautiful bouquet, many brides elect to honor the tradition by having a smaller 'toss bouquet' made for this tradition. Here is one for you to see. In addition, I thought you might be interested in this webpost about some other 'toss bouquet' ideas that are less traditional:

Detail #2 -- why were there extra boutonnieres left over at this wedding? Because the groom didn't realize that the members of the wedding party who were in military uniform were not allowed to wear them. Save yourself a few dollars if you will have members of the armed services in uniform in your wedding party, and don't order flowers for them.

Detail #3 -- An engraved platter 'guest book'. A different touch, guests were asked to write with a special pen on this engraved platter which will become a permanent keepsake for this couple. Unique and different, but make sure someone is there to really have the guests press down on the pen so you can really read their writing.

Detail #4 -- Photos of parents and grandparents in their wedding poses. This adds a really sweet, family feel to the event, connecting generations together.

I hope you enjoy seeing these ideas, and learning a bit for your wedding.

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